Back in 1994, we were presented with an opportunity to supply Australian beef to the Middle East Market. Our first export was sent August 8, 1994. We’ve come a long way since then—we now export on a daily basis via air and sea freight to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, India, China, Thailand, and Russia.

Our Exports:

  • Meat

    Beef, Lamb, Goat, Chicken

  • Live Cattle Exports

    Vietnam, Middle East, China

  • Seafood

    Fresh and frozen

  • Milk Powders

    Instant full cream, Skim Milk, Milk Preparation

  • Infant Formula

    100% Australian and New Zealand manufactured private label brand

  • Rice

    100% Thai rice (all varieties and grades)

  • Sugar

    Thailand/Brazilian Sugar (all grades)

  • Biomass Fuels

    Eucalyptus Wood Chip—Wood Pellet

To satisfy our global customers and guarantee a yearly meat supply, we chose in our early export years to form strategic alliances with fellow Beef, Lamb, Goat, and Poultry producers. There long-standing alliances ensure that we maintain consistently high standards of quality and variety.